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3m™ Speed Glass™ Graphic Welding Helmet 100



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The Speedglas 100 series allows you to take advantage of Speedglas’ excellent optical quality and reliable light to dark switching at a highly affordable price. Speedglas 100 graphic auto-darkening helmet delivers impressive performance and protection with a distinctive Trojan Warrior graphic design – Image is Everything!


– Reliable Arc Detection and Switching – Photo-sensors are capable of detecting an arc down to 10 amps suitable for Stick, MIG & TIG.
– Grind Mode with High Impact Rating – New grind mode allows the welder to lock the lens into the super light state for all grinding applications.
– Industry Leading Graphics – Quality Speedglas graphics will not flake or splinter and are up for any challenge you throw at them.
– Super Light State of 3 makes non-welding vision crisp and clean.
– Multiple Settings & Shades – Equipped with five adjustable dark shades: 8-12, a light state of 3, three sensitivity settings, two delay settings (dark to light time) and a grind mode. Versatility at your fingertips.
– TST – Advanced TIG Sensor Technology.
– Built-in holder for magnifying lenses makes attaching the lens easier and optimises the position for better welding vision.
– Super lightweight (440 grams) for all day comfort with a narrow profile for tight spaces.
– Comfort & Ergonomics – Smooth ratchet welding shield head harness with multiple adjustment points provides premium comfort and adaptability.
– New delay function allows you to set the dark-to-light opening time .
– Dark shade can be increased from 13 or 14 using uprade plates.
– Made in Sweden with every lens checked by hand.
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Relevant Welding Helmet Standards Eye Protection – AS/NZS1338.1, Face Protection – AS/NZS1337.1 (High Impact)
Speedglas TrueView Welding Lens No
Stick Welding Yes
MIG Welding Yes
TIG Welding Yes (down to 10 Amps)
Grinding Feature Grind Mode
SideWindow Peripheral Vision No
Hidden Arc Mode No
Welding Lens Viewing area 44 x 93mm
Auto Darkening Lens Classification 1/2/2
Variable Dark Shades Shade 8-12
Light State Shade 3
UV Protection Shade 12 (permanent)
Switching time, light-dark 0.1 ms (+23 C)
Delay (switching time, dark-light) 40-250 ms
Comfort Exhaust Vents No
Head Harness Custom fit with ratchet mechanism
Safety Helmet No
Required minimum protection factor N/A
Air flow Level N/A
Adflo Battery Run Time N/A
Adflo Battery Charge Time N/A