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  9. 3M Versaflo M-307 Face Shield Adflo PAPR Air, P2 Welding Helmet, Heavy Duty HD – 890307HD

3M Versaflo M-307 Face Shield Adflo PAPR Air, P2 Welding Helmet, Heavy Duty HD – 890307HD

SKU: 890307HD


  • Adflo PAPR With P3 Respiratory Protection
  • Respiratory, Face And Head Protection
  • Wide Viewing Area With Exceptional Clarity
  • Chemical And Scratch Resistant Lens
  • Flame Resistant Face Seal
  • Adflo Li-Ion Battery Is 40% Lighter
  • Rapid Charge Function
  • Two Adjustable Air Flow Settings
  • 12 Hours Respiratory Protection
  • 3-Year Warranty On ADFLO
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1 x 3M Versaflo M-307 Safety Helmet with Adflo PAPR Respirator
With ADFLO Heavy Duty Battery (837631)
The Versaflo shield with safety helmet M-307 is suitable for applications requiring simultaneous respiratory, face & head protection including surface cleaning, grain handling, pulp & paper processing, refining/purifying and metalworking.
The M-307 integrates perfectly with the award-winning Adflo-powered air respirator and is compliant with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.
Flame-resistant face seal.
Coated lens provides chemical and scratch resistance.
Excellent peripheral and downward vision with exceptional optical clarity.
New upgraded Adflo is super light with a rapid charge.
The required minimum protection factor of 50.
Two adjustable airflow settings 170/200 litres per minute.
Up to 12 hours of continuous respiratory protection.
Optional head, shoulder and neck cover.
Head top attached earmuffs are available separately.
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Brand: 3M
Part Number: 890307HD
Safety Helmet: Yes
Suitable For: Suitable for any tasks requiring P2 respiratory with a clear visor
Minimum Protection Factor: 50
Air Flow: 170/200 litres per minute
Battery Charge: 0-80% charge in approximately 1 hour
Battery Run Time: 12-hour run time
Weight: 960gr
Face Protection – AS/NZS1337.1 (High Impact)
Head Protection – AS/NZS1801
Respiratory Protection – AS/NZS1716
Optional Hearing Protection – AS/NZS1270
Warranty: Adflo powered air motor 2 years + 1 year if registered