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3m X5 Peltor Headband Earmuff Ear Muff Noise Hearing Protection Series Class X5a



  • Highest NRR (35 DB) Earmuff On The Market
  • Innovative Foam Lining In Ear Muff
  • Twin Headband Design
  • Earcups Tilt To Ensure Comfort
  • Electrically Insulated Wire Headband
  • Low-profile cup design
  • Protection Against High-Level Industrial Noise
  • High attenuation earmuffs, Class 5
  • Relatively lightweight with excellent balance & comfort
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1 x 3M X5 Peltor Headband Earmuffs
Over-the-head hearing protection, the X5A earmuffs offer the highest NRR (35 dB) for an earmuff on the market which makes them ideal for very high noise situations.
With an innovative foam lining inside each ear muff, newly designed spacers and a specially formulated foam cup, the X5A headband earmuff gives you comfortable protection all day long.
Electrically insulated (dielectric) wire headband helps reduce hazards around electricity.
Very high attenuation earmuffs, as a result of specially-formulated foam featured in the earcups and cushions, are recommended for high-noise exposure applications.
Low-profile cup design for improved compatibility with other personal protection equipment (PPE).
The twin headband design reduces heat buildup and offers outstanding balance and comfort for prolonged use.
Earcups tilt to ensure a customized fit and comfort for individual users.
Despite the larger earcups, the X5 remains relatively lightweight with excellent balance and comfort.
Suitable For: Automotive, Construction, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Sub Applications, Military Maintenance, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Repair and Operation, Transportation.
Replaceable ear cushions and foam liners (hygiene kit HYX5) (not included).
Approved to performance AS/NZS standards, Class 5 hearing protection (SLC80 35dB)
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Model Number: X5A
Noise Reduction Rating (DB): 35
Class: Class 5
Dielectric: Yes
Electrically Insulated: Yes
Adjustable: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Noise Cancelling: No
Corded: No
Size: One Size fits Most
Weight: 0.25kg