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  7. 5L Hi-Tec Soluble Cutting Fluid Oil Hi-Tech Lubricant Lubrication High HI6-2910

5L Hi-Tec Soluble Cutting Fluid Oil Hi-Tech Lubricant Lubrication High HI6-2910

SKU: HI6-2911 (5L)


  • Reduces Coolant Use
  • Maximised Lubrication
  • Increases Tool Life
  • Provides Excellent Emulsion Stability
  • Provides Bacterial Resistance
  • Rust And Corrosion Protection
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Hi-Tec Soluble Cutting Fluid, HI6-2911
Hi-Tec Soluble Cutting Fluid is a premium quality chlorine-free, borate-containing soluble cutting oil. Designed to help you reduce coolant use, prolong system life and meet your machining needs when working with a wide range of materials like aluminium, cast iron or other ferrous alloys.
Designed for light to moderate machining operations including boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, turning, reaming and grinding.
Maximised lubrication: Cooling is assured between the cutting tool and work surfaces using cutting fluid. This promotes long tool life and excellent surface finish to the machined surfaces.
Rust protection is given to steel and ferrous machined metals with emulsion dilutions up to 60:1 water to oil concentrations.
Bacterial resistance: The inclusion of an effective biocide in the fluid ensures long emulsion service life, resisting bacteriological degradation which often results in staining and corrosion of the machined components.
Long tool life is aided by the high oiliness, low frictional and good cooling properties of Hi-Tec soluble cutting fluid.
It provides excellent emulsion stability in hard water up to 400 ppm calcium carbonate.
Forms stable white emulsions with good “emulsion reserve” and possesses excellent resistance to bacteria degradation.
Does not contain any free phenolics or nitrites.
Offers low foaming tendency solution in its applications.
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Brand: Hi-Tec
Part Number: HI6-2910
Use: Synthetic fluid based industrial machine oil
Suitable For: Ferrous materials with a machinability of > 50% (medium machinability) and for non-ferrous materials.
Volume: 5L