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Bordo E-Z Deburring And Chamfering Drill Bit Tool M2 Hss Steel Metal Pipe Wood

SKU: 2210-822


  • Works on the toughest metals
  • Efficiently removes burrs and ridges
  • Prevents sparks and burns
  • Single piece construction
  • Unique patented design
  • Starts a nut on a bolt / threaded bar
  • Starts a button die / die nut on rod
  • Creates a leading edge on timber dowel
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1 x BORDO E-Z Deburring and Chamfering Tool
Need to chamfer the end of some threaded rod or a rusty bolt? Bordo’s new E-Z Chamfer tool is the answer. There is no longer any need to use a hand file or grinding disc as E-Z Chamfer will give you a perfect chamfer in seconds. This innovative new tool is made from M2 HSS ensuring it will work on the toughest materials.
E-Z Chamfer efficiently removes burrs and ridges from bolts, pipe, threaded rod, bar and dowels. It is suitable for use on metals including mild and hardened steels, stainless steel, copper and brass, as well as timber, fibreglass and plastics.
Create a perfect chamfer for:
– starting a nut on a bolt or threaded bar,
– starting a button die or die nut on rod,
– creating a leading edge on timber dowel.
With five cutting slots in the pentagon shaped cone, E-Z Chamfer has extraordinary cutting efficiency and tool life.
E-Z Chamfer prevents sparks and burns. When used correctly at low RPMs the tool will not overheat the workpiece. Threads and burrs are sheared off creating the perfect chamfer for starting a nut or threading die.
Heavy duty single piece construction.
Unique patented design. World-first M2-HSS Chamfer Tool.
Usage – E-Z Chamfer works by shearing a small amount of material every revolution. Slow drill speed with medium pressure will yield the best results. In most applications, it is only necessary to chamfer the first 1 to 3 threads of a bolt or threaded rod.
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Brand: Bordo
Part Number: 2210-822
Size Range: 8-22mm, 5/16-7/8″
Shank: 1/4″ Hex Shank
Maximum Speed:
8-12mm: 800rpm
12-18mm: 600rpm
18-22mm: 400rpm
Suitable For: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals including:
MILD STEEL – U.S. Grade 2 – Metric Grade 4.8
HARD STEEL – U.S. Grade 5 – Metric Grade 8.8
VERY HARD STEEL – U.S. Grade 8 – Metric Grade 10.9
SUPER HARD STEEL – U.S. Grade ASTM-A574 – Metric Grade 12.9