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  9. Bosch 1500W Sds Max Rotary Hammer Drill Impact Masonry Concrete Rock Gbh 8-45 D

Bosch 1500W Sds Max Rotary Hammer Drill Impact Masonry Concrete Rock Gbh 8-45 D

SKU: GBH 8-45 D


  • Top Power-To-Weight Ratio
  • Robust Metal Components
  • Counter-Balanced Vibration Control
  • Delivers 12.5 J Of Impact Energy
  • Restart Protection
  • Drills Up To 45 Mm In Diameter
  • Rotation Control Clutch
  • Constant Speed And Speed Selection
  • 6 Year Warranty
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1 x BOSCH 1500W SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill, GBH 8-45 D
The GBH 8-45 D Professional is an all-round performer in the SDS max corded rotary hammer category due to its universal capabilities.
Perfect power-to-weight ratio for performing many SDS max tasks.
Durable due to robust metal components.
Its strong motor enables the delivery of 12.5 J of impact energy for a fast drilling progress and high material removal rate.
Restart Protection: Prevents autonomous restart of tool after power blackout.
Intended for drilling up to 45 mm in diameter and medium chiselling work in concrete and stone.
includes features such as Constant Speed, Restart Protection, Rotation Control Clutch, and Speed Selection.
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Brand: Bosch
Model Number: GBH 8-45 D
Part Number: 0611265140
Input Power: 1,500 W
Impact Energy: 12.5 J
Rated Speed: 0 – 305 rpm
Impact Rate At Rated Speed: 1,380 – 2,720 bpm
Drilling In Concrete With Hammer Drill Bits: 12mm-45mm
Drilling Dia. Concrete, Breakthrough Drill Bits: 80mm
Opt. Appl. Range Concrete, Hammer Drill Bits: 20 – 40 mm
Drilling Dia. Concrete, Breakthrough Drill Bits: 80mm
Drilling Dia. Concrete, Core Cutters, From: 125 mm
Max. Drilling Diameter Masonry, Core Cutters: 45mm
Max. Drilling Diameter In Metal: 125mm
Max. Drilling Diameter In Wood: 80 mm
Tool Holder: SDS Max
Dimensions: 540(l) x 116(w) x 310(h)
Weight: 8.2kg
Certification: Meets Aust Safety Standards
Warranty: 6 Years