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  9. ESAB Coreweld Prime MC3 H4 – 35MP12247V

ESAB Coreweld Prime MC3 H4 – 35MP12247V

SKU: 35MP12247V


“Seamless, Low Hydrogen, Low Fume, High Deposition Metal Cored Wire”

Seamless metal cored wire for mild steel and 490N/mm2 class high tensile strength steel. Coreweld Prime MC3 H4 is a metal cored wire that combines the high deposition rates of a rutile slag flux-cored electrode with the high efficiencies of solid wire.

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• Seamless wire for guaranteed low hydrogen levels
• No copper coating for lower fume
• ASC coating for rust prevention and outstanding feed ability
• High deposition efficiency & deposition rates
• Vacuumed packed in foil for protection against moisture
• Precision layered wound
• Grade-3 with an H4 classification.
• It is designed to run on Mixed Argon+CO2 shielding gases, ranging from 10-25% CO2.
• Weld layer transitions in multilayer fillet welds are very smooth and even.
• Spatter levels are very low to extremely low

Diameter (mm)
1.2 and 1.6

Current Range (amps)
250-350 (1.2mm)
280-390 (1.6mm)

Voltage Range (Volts)

CTWD (mm)

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