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Hi-Tec Mini Battery Jump Starter Charger Pack, Li-Ion, 12V Car Laptop Phone USB



  • Multi Purpose Jump Starter/Charger
  • For 12V Vehicles Including Diesel
  • Jump Start Up To 3.5L Diesel Engines
  • Charges Smartphones, Cameras, Laptops
  • Low Self Discharge, 1000 Cycles
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HI-TEC Jump Starter Kit Includes:
1 x HI-TEC Mini Battery Jump Starter Charger, Li-Ion
1x Black Universal Cable with 8-different detachable tips to fit all the different brands of laptop charging ports
1x Black Universal Cable for all 12v Accessories
1x White Universal USB Cable with 4 into 1 USB Cable to fit most popular 5v USB chargeable electronics
1x Home Charger
1x Mobile Charger for plugging into cigarette lighter socket
Pocket size multi purpose jump starter/charger for 12V vehicles including diesel.
Jump start up to 3.5L diesel engines.
Charges smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops.
High capacity 18000MAH, 600A peak current and light weight.
Illuminated battery capacity indicator- Press a button to see the battery capacity left in the Micro-Start.
Built-in over-charge and over-discharge protections for long battery life and specialized SMART CLAMPS that protect the unit.
Multiple charging models with home and car cigarette lighter plugs.
Top quality Li-ION battery.
Low self discharge, more than 1000 cycles.
High power LED flashlight with 2 built-in flash patterns including an S.O.S. flashing beacon pattern.
Automatic power-off when not in use.
Detachable SMART Mini Jumper Clamps with built in over charge, reverse polarity protections.
Made for Australian conditions.
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Brand: Hi-Tec
Part Number: HB15-MJS-V7
Peak Current: 600A
Capacity: 18000MAH
4 Power Ports:
1 x 19v for laptops
1 x 12v standard output
2 x USB 5v Outputs
Dimensions (Mm): 230 x 87 x 27
Weight (Gr): 615
Warranty: 2 Years