Holemaker 40 AD

The Holemaker 40AD is a low profile angle drive machine providing a constant working height of 181mm. The Holemaker 40AD utilises standard 3/4″ Shank Holemaker Cutters up to 40mm diameter and 25mm depth, ensuring a wide range of cutters are always available. The feed handle can be easily changed to either side or removed for use with a socket wrench on the hex drive, and with the combination of a 181mm constant working height, this machines can work in areas most other cannot. This machine is ideal for working with truck chassis.The remote pressure feed coolant system, supplies cutting fluid to the centre of the annular cutter even when the machine is positioned in vertical & horizontal positions.*12mm twist drill capacity using Weldon shank twist drill bits.

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Capacity (Diameter) 40mm
Capacity (Depth) 25mm
Motor Power 1020Watt
Input Power 1100Watt Single Phase 240V
Weight 11.1kg
Magnetic Dead Lift 9500N-m on 25mm Steel Plate
Height ( min / max ) 181mm Constant Working Height

Weight 11.5 kg

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