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Irwin 30M Strait-Line Mach 6 Chalk Reel Set



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MACH6 Chalk Reel Features:

The IRWIN STRAIT-LINE MACH6™ Chalk Reel features an Easy Fill & Lock Top that provides a wide opening for increased speed and visibility when filling the reel or accessing internals. The top locks securely with a ¼ turn to prevent unwanted spills. The 30m hi-tensile line is 2.5X stronger than traditional chalk reels for fewer breaks on rough, abrasive surfaces, and the reel has a 6:1 gear ratio to rewind the line 6X faster than traditional chalk reels.

  • Easy Fill & Lock Top features a large, 1/4-turn locking top for quick chalk fill and easy access to reel internals
  • 30m Hi-tensile line is stronger for fewer breaks and for use on rough, abrasive surfaces
  • 6:1 Gear ratio rewinds line 6X faster than traditional chalk reels
  • Open access back panel allows for quick line change and cleaning
  • Metal drive gear resists gear failure under heavy load
  • Robust steel handle and large ergonomic clutch for increased durability, strength, and torque
  • Wide-prong hook for secure anchoring
  • Durable aluminium housing provides impact resistance
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