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Limited Release 18V 2 Piece 5.0Ah Blower And Vacuum Kit

SKU: 0 615 990 M82



  • GBL 18V-120 18V Blower
  • GAS 18V-1 1 Litre Vacuum
  • GBA 18V 5.0Ah M-C 5.0ah Battery
  • GAL 18V-40 Charger
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Blower for quick cleanup in the 18V category

  • Air speed can reach 270 km/h, making it very powerful for good results when clearing an area
  • For tidying up jobsites, cleaning drill holes, and for other versatile applications
  • Compact and balanced design makes handling blower easy for added control

Compact handheld 18V dry vacuum cleaner makes short work of rough dirt

  • Ideal handling: compactness, manoeuverability, cordless freedom, and quick and easy emptying of the dust container
  • Large number of accessories enables flexibility in a wide range of cleaning jobs
  • Mobility and easy transport: conveniently fits into an L-BOXX

Premium run time and outstanding life time thanks to COOLPACK

  • Additional 25% more run time: Compared to Bosch 18 V 4.0 Ah battery
  • Up to 100% longer life time: compared to battery w/o COOLPACK
  • 100% compatible: to all Bosch Blue Li-Ion tools and chargers within same voltage class
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