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  9. Suhner Pipe Belt Sander Balustrade Pipe Tube Handrail Polisher Sanding – UTG 9-R

Suhner Pipe Belt Sander Balustrade Pipe Tube Handrail Polisher Sanding – UTG 9-R



  • For Balustrades And Handrails
  • No More ‘Flat Spots’
  • Up To 220º Contact On Tubes
  • Diameter Of Up To 70mm
  • Overload Cut-Out Integrated
  • Soft-Start For Jolt Free Work
  • Digital Electronics
  • Undervoltage Protection
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1 x SUHNER Pipe Sander, UTG 9-R
Designed for use on tube and pipe product, this tool is used widely for production and repair of balustrades and handrails. Tube polishing is difficult as it can be easy to create ‘flat spots’. By polishing around the tube with a continuous belt, this issue is overcome.
The UTG will wrap around the work-piece, avoiding the potential to create flat spots and is used for not only cutting a final grain or blending the surface, but also used with coarser belts , to remove welds.
Commonly used in conjunction with 3M Surface conditioning products, in handrail reclamation or restoration work.
Up to 220º contact on tubes.
Grinding of tubes with a diameter of up to 70mm
Larger diameter with less contact wrap.
Overload cut-out integrated.
Soft-start for jolt free work.
Digital electronics ensures constant working speed.
Undervoltage protection – Unintentional activation following a voltage interruption, even with the machine on is impossible.
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Brand: Suhner
Part Number: UTG 9-R
Speed (Min): 4000 – 9000
Belt Speed M/S: 7 – 15.5
Power Input: 1500W
Pipe Diameter: 70mm max
Belt Dimensions (Mm): 30 x 610
Weight (Gr): 2550