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Telwin Hand Held Portable Spot Welder Modular 20/Ti

SKU: Modular 20/TI


  • Portable Manually-Operated Spot Welder
  • Welds 1mm To 1mm Mild Steel Sheets
  • Electronic Spot Weld Timer
  • Operated By The Manual Top Lever
  • Arm Pressure Adjusted 40kg To 120kg
  • Fitted With Standard 120mm Arms
  • Handgrip Is Thermic Isolating Material
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1 x TELWIN Spot Welder Modular 20/TI Portable
A portable single phase manually-operated resistance spot welder that is capable of welding 1mm to 1mm maximum thickness mild steel sheets.
The unit features an electronic spot weld timer which can be adjusted by the user to suit a range of metal thicknesses from 0.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
Operated by the manual top lever the unit is held via a top handle which is made from heat insulating material and a side handle which can be adjusted for left hand or right hand operation.
Arm pressure can be adjusted from 40kg to 120kg.
Fitted with standard 120mm arms.
Handgrip made out of thermic isolating material (weighs 10.5kg).
Longer electrode arms available.
Warranty 1 year.
EAC Certification.
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Brand: Telwin
Part Number: Modular 20/TI
Maximum Welding Thickness: 1mm + 1mm
Maximum Welding Power: 6kVA
Nominal Power @ 50%: 1.2kVA
Welding Timer: Yes
Throat Depth (Min/Max): 120mm
Water Cooling Capable: No
Water Cooling Capable: No
Main Fuse: 16 Amp
Voltage: 240V
Weight: 10.5kg