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Unimig Rogue Welding Protection Bundle *leather Jacket, Hood, Gloves*



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1 x ROGUE Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket
1 x ROGUE 400mm MIG Welding Gloves
1 x ROGUE Welding Hood
Choose Size Of Jacket: Australian Sizing in L / XL / XXL / XXXL. 90% of people will fit large size
Choose Size Of Hood: One size fits all
Choose Orientation Of Gloves: Left / Right , Left / Left
Features Jacket
The ROGUE™ Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket is well-ventilated, comfortable and ideal for light to heavy-duty welding applications.
Premium cowhide leather sleeves provide extra protection against spatter.
High-strength Kevlar thread enhances the durability of the jacket.
Features Hood
The cuffs are easily adjustable with buttons, whereas Kevlar thread enhances the durability of the jacket.
Comfortable and well-ventilated PROBAN® body. Proban flame retardant fabric will char and self extinguish when it comes into contact with a flame or spark. There is no smouldering or afterglow, therefore, providing protection for the wearer.
Flame-retardant welding hood designed to provide maximum protection across your head and neck.
Retains its flame-retardant properties for up to 50 washes.
Lightweight & comfortable.
Fully encloses the welder’s head and neck for maximum protection.
Features Gloves
Made of heat and flame-resistant selected shoulder split cowhide leather.
Kevlar stitching with welted seams for added durability.
Full sock lining for maximum comfort.
Reinforced palm.
Protects from high heat output applications.
Superior heat and abrasion resistance.
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Brand Of All: Unimig Rogue
Specifications Jacket
Material: Body is Proban® flame retardant treated cotton. Sleeves are premium cowhide leather
Size: L / XL / XXL / XXXL
Adjustable Cuffs: Yes
Pocket: Yes
Specifications Hood
Material: Fire Retardant Washable Fabric
Size: One Size
Specifications Gloves
Material: Cowhide leather with kevlar stitching
Size: One size fits all
Length: 400mm
Application: MIG and Plasma Welding