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UNIMIG Viper Multi 195 Max Mig Tig Stick Welder + Trolley + Wire + Gloves + Rods

SKU: U11011


  • The VIPER MULTI 195 MAX is 3-in-1 machine has been packed full of features so it can do just about everything, MIG, DC High-Frequency TIG and STICK, and all on a 10A plug.
  • Plug in and play with a 10A power plug.
  • Intuitive 4” Colour LCD Screen
  • The PFC maximises the electrical efficiency of the machine and automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuations
  • Setting up for a weld has never been easier, just set your joint type, filler wire, gas mixture, wire diameter, and material thickness and you’re ready to weld.
  • Digital Geared Wire Drive system.
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UNIMIG Viper Multi 195 Max Welder Bundle Includes:
1 x Unimig Welding Trolley
5kg x Unimig 0.9mm Steel Welding Wire
1kg x Unimig 1.6mm Stainless Steel TIG Rods
1kg x Unimig 2.4mm Mild Steel TIG Rods
1 Pair x Unimig Gloves
1 x 4m M15 MIG Torch
1 x 4m SR17 Flex-Head TIG Torch
1 x 3m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
1 x 3m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
1 x Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
1 x 2m Gas Hose Complete with fittings
0.8-0.9mm V Groove Roller
0.8-0.9mm F Groove Roller
1.0-1.2mm U Groove Roller
Operating Manual
The VIPER MULTI 195 MAX is 3-in-1 machine has been packed full of features so it can do just about everything, MIG, DC High-Frequency TIG and STICK, and all on a 10A plug.
It comes loaded with complete, comprehensive synergic MIG and TIG programs, so setting up for your welds has never been quicker or easier.
Plug in and play. The 10A power plug can be used on any domestic outlet, so it’s perfect for the DIY home handyman or the professional welder looking to take it anywhere.
The intuitive 4” Colour LCD Screen controls and next-generation user interface make changing your settings easier than ever.
Get the most out of your machine. The PFC maximises the electrical efficiency of the machine and automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuations, so you get more output power and the internal components last longer.
Setting up for a weld has never been easier, just set your joint type, filler wire, gas mixture, wire diameter, and material thickness and you’re ready to weld.
Experience unparalleled accuracy with our all-new Digital Geared Wire Drive system. Designed to sustain a consistent arc in varying conditions and with different wire types, it ensures an accurate wire feed speed. With this system, achieving precision in every welding task is effortless.
The easiest way to set up for a TIG weld, simply set your material, joint type, tungsten diameter, plate thickness, and gas mixture and you’re good to go!
Maximise your results from start to finish. A high-frequency torch can start an arc without contacting the workpiece, reducing the risk of contaminating the tungsten or the weld. It also means you get access to the entire TIG weld cycle, including pre- and post-gas and up and down slope parameters.
Gloves Features:
Made of heat and flame resistant selected shoulder split cowhide leather.
Kevlar stitching with welted seams for added durability.
Full sock lining for maximum comfort.
Reinforced palm.
Protects from high heat output applications.
Superior heat and abrasion resistance.
Welding Trolley Features:
The UNIMIG Welding Trolley for Small Machines is ideal if you are tired of moving your welding and gas gear around the workshop manually. With easy setup, this trolley can perfectly fit your setup, while also holding a D or E size gas cylinder on the back.
An upward angle on the top also ensures that you can easily change the settings on your welder on the fly, and the middle shelf can be used for accessories.
Made from a sturdy metal construction, free-moving front castor wheels and solid rear rubber wheels means you will get a long lifespan from this trolley.
Suits smaller machines.
Roll Welding Wire Features:
This wire performs exceptionally well for general steel construction, sheet metal applications, pressure vessel applications, structural welding and pipe welding.
S6 is a versatile mild steel welding wire that produces quality weld results even when used on dirty and contaminated steel. Although this is not recommended, it is due to the wire containing higher levels of manganese and silicon than S2 and S4.
High quality, copper-coated, triple de-oxidised solid MIG welding wire supplied on 15kg, 5kg and 1Kg precision layer wound plastic spools.
The wire contains higher levels of manganese and silicon than most standard grades of MIG wire to produce high-quality welds.
The high silicon content increases fluid in the weld pool which in turn, produces smooth bead appearance.
The wire is engineered to provide porosity-free, x-ray quality welds with high tensile strength.
Precision Layer Wound for smooth uninterrupted wire feed with less liner and tip wear.
ER70S-6 Solid MIG Wire requires a shielding gas such as CO² or Argon/CO² mixes.
Applications: Structural Steel, General Fabrication, Light Fabrication, Transport Industry, Heavy Equipment, Farm Machinery Pressure Vessels, Robotic and Semi-Automatic Welding Applications
Stainless Steel TIG Rods Features:
UNIMIG 316L Stainless TIG Welding Rods are a high-quality low carbon TIG wire used for TIG welding 316 and 316L stainless steel alloys.
UNIMIG 316L is also suitable for welding other 300 grade stainless steels such as 302 and 304 grades.
Austenitic stainless steel welding rod for TIG welding of unstablised or stabilised corrosion resisting Cr-Ni-Mo steels.
This particular rod can also be used for gas (oxy/acetylene) welding.
Resistant to inter-granular corrosion up to 400˚C.
The filler wire is also suitable for welding titanium and niobium stabilised steels such as ASTM 316Ti in cases where the construction is used at temperatures not exceeding 400°C.
X-Ray Quality.
Mild Steel TIG Rods Features:
ER70S-6 TIG Welding Rods are an unalloyed welding rod for TIG welding of on all grades of pipe steels, carbon steel, various chrome molly steels, home use and structural steel works.
This rod also suits welding thin, galvanized or electro-galvanized plates and produces very limited spattering due to its addition of titanium and zirconium.
ER70S-6 TIG Welding Rods must be welded using pure Argon (Ar) shielding gas.
Thin and homogeneous copper coating increase resistance to rusting.
E70S-6 has the most deoxidizers for highest quality welds, and due to higher silicon is more fluid than E70S-2.
Individually packed, labeled, and transported in a sturdy tube or box which ensures the wire stays in great condition during transport.


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Part Number: U11011
Primary Input Voltage: 240V Single Phase
Supply Plug: 10 AMP
Ieff (A): 8.9
Rated Output (MIG): 25A/15V – 195A/23.8V
No Load Voltage: (V) 67
Protection Class: IP21
Insulation Class: H
Minimum Generator (KVA): 8.5
Dinse Connector: 35/50
Standard: AS/NZ60974-1
Warranty: 3 Years
Dimensions: 470×190×350mm
Weight: 11.8 Kg
Suitable: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Silicon Bronze
MIG Specifications:
MIG Welding Current Range: 25-195A
MIG Duty Cycle:
@ 40°C 15% @ 195A
60% @ 98A
100% @ 76A
MIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-8mm
TIG Specifications:
TIG Function Type: DC High Frequency
TIG Welding Current Range: 5-195A
TIG Duty Cycle: 
@ 40°C 30% @ 195A
60% @ 138A
100% @ 107A
TIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-8mm
STICK Specifications:
STICK Welding Current Range: 5-195A
STICK Duty Cycle: 
@ 40°C 15% @ 195A
60% @ 98A
100% @ 76A
STICK Welding Thickness Range: 2-10mm
Gloves Specification:
Brand: Unimig
Part Number: UMWG8
Material: Cowhide leather with kevlar stitching
Size: One size fits all
Length: 400mm / 680mm
Application: MIG and Plasma Welding
Welding Trolley Specification: 
Weight Trolley Can Hold: 57kg
Top Shelf: 300mm Wide, 500mm Long
Weight: 14kg
Wire Specification:
Part Number: ER70S-6
Certifications: ER70S-6 – AS/NZS 2717.1:ES6 – CG – W503H
Welding Type: MIG
Wire Material: Copper coated, triple de-oxidised solid steel
Shielding Gas Required: CO² and/or CO² mix
Approvals For 5kg: Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping
Stainless Steel Rods Specification:
Part No: TI316L-1.6
Grade: 316L
Diameter: 1.6mm
Length Of Rods: 1000mm
Weight: 1kg
Application: Stainless and TIG Welding
DIN8556 WSG-2 Cr Ni Mo 1912
EN1272 W19123 L
M.No. 1.4430
Approvals: TUV Nord • DB • CWB
Mild Steel Rods Specification:
Grade: ER70S-6
Diameter: 2.4mm
Length Of Rods: 1000mm
Weight: 1kg
Application: TIG Welding
DIN 8559 WSG-2
EN1688 W3 Si
M.No. 1.5125


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