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BORDO 25 Pce Drill Bit Set *1-13mm* Metric Jobber M2 HSS Steel Metal Split Point

2007-M3 0 Reviews
$146.95 inc gst

  • 25 piece metric drill bit set
  • Includes 1.0mm – 13.0mm drill bits
  • HSS bright finish
  • Precision ground
  • Includes 25 sizes
  • Supplied in a Tradesman tough ABS plastic case
  • Suitable for general purpose use

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Bordo 25 Piece HSS Drill Bit Set includes (Flute Length x Overall Length):
1.0mm = 12mm x 34mm
1.5mm = 18mm x 40mm
2.0mm = 24mm x 49mm
2.5mm = 30mm x 57mm
3.0mm = 33mm x 61mm
3.5mm = 39mm x 70mm
4.0mm = 43mm x 75mm
4.5mm = 47mm x 80mm
5.0mm = 52mm x 86mm
5.5mm = 57mm x 93mm
6.0mm = 57mm x 93mm
6.5mm = 63mm x 101mm
7.0mm = 69mm x 109mm
7.5mm = 69mm x 109mm
8.0mm = 75mm x 117mm
8.5mm = 75mm x 117mm
9.0mm = 81mm x 125mm
9.5mm = 81mm x 125mm
10.0mm = 87mm x 133mm
10.5mm = 87mm x 133mm
11.0mm = 94mm x 142mm
11.5mm = 94mm x 142mm
12.0mm = 101mm x 151mm
12.5mm = 101mm x 151mm
13.0mm = 101mm x 151mm
Presented in a Tradesman Tough ABS Plastic Case
Bordo HSS reduced shank drill bits are ground from premium quality high speed steel. HSS can withstand higher operating temperatures than carbon steel without losing its temper (hardness).
Set includes 1.0mm – 13.0mm drill bits in 0.5mm increments.
Suitable for general purpose use, non-ferrous applications, mild steel, cast iron
These 118º split point drills are self centering and ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron.
118° split point (crankshaft point) reduce the need for end thrust. Friction at workpiece is reduced. The 118º point creates easily controlled chips which are wide and thin.
Precision ground.
The HSS bright finish jobber bits have no surface treatment and are supplied in the as-ground condition.
HSS bright finish.
Brand: Bordo
Part Number: 2007-M3
Material: HSS - High speed steel
Surface Finish: Bright
Flute Type: 30º Helix
Point Type: 118º Standard Chisel
Suitable For: General purpose use, non-ferrous applications, mild steel, cast iron
Standard: DIN338

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