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MIG Torches & Spool Guns

Electroweld is the leading provider of MIG torches and spool guns for welding applications. Our products are designed to provide superior performance, reliability, and safety. We offer a wide range of MIG torches and spool guns that are suitable for the welding process. It Includes Binzel Mb Evo Pro 15 MIG Welding Torch Gun (Air Cooled), ESAB Psf 315 Welding Torch Gun With Euro Connection, SB25 Suregrip Series Mig Welding Torch Gun and more.

All our products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide maximum efficiency and safety.  With Electroweld, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality products at the most competitive prices.



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Why Do We Have The Best Mig Torch and Spool Guns Online?

Electroweld have the best Mig Torch and Spool Guns online for a variety of reasons. Our products are designed to be reliable, durable, and easy to use. We have a wide selection of models that are suitable for different welding applications, from Abicor Binzel, ESAB, Unimig and more so you can find the right tool for your needs.

Our Mig Torches and Spool Guns come with a range of features that make them ideal for welding projects. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, while their adjustable airflow and heat settings allow you to customize the performance of your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

A MIG torch is a welding device that uses metal inert gas (MIG) to join two pieces of metal together. The process is quite simple and involves using a gun-like device that feeds wire through the flame and then onto the work piece, producing a weld.

A spool gun is an extension of this process and uses special spools of wire which feed into the MIG torch at higher speeds, allowing for larger jobs to be completed more quickly. Both are commonly used in both home and professional welding applications.

A burn back on a MIG welding torch is caused by improper adjustment of the electrical current, feed speed and gas flow during welding. If the electrical current is too low, the wire will not melt into the weld puddle quickly enough, resulting in a build-up of material at the end of the torch and a “burn back”.

Similarly, if the feed speed is too high or the gas flow is insufficient, it can cause a buildup of material at the end of the torch, resulting in a burn back. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to adjust your machine’s settings correctly before beginning to weld.

Yes, the amperage on your MIG torch and spool gun can typically be easily adjusted. On most units, you’ll have an amperage control dial which allows you to adjust the flow of current for a range of weld settings.

It’s important to note that you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when adjusting these settings as exceeding the recommended maximum may put you at risk of injury or damage to your equipment.

Yes, a spool gun is required when using aluminium wire. This is because aluminium tends to be much softer and more malleable than steel or other metals, so it can easily get jammed in the main feeder.

A spool gun helps keep the wire from tangling and reduces the risk of breakage. Additionally, a spool gun allows for better control over the flow of wire, which can make welding with aluminium easier.

The output current of a MIG torch and spool gun should be determined based on the size and amount of material you will be working with. Generally speaking, the higher the output current, the larger and thicker materials you can weld effectively.

Yes, there are special techniques needed when using a MIG torch. The most important technique is to always make sure your torch is of the correct size and shape for the job. You should also practice arc welding in a safe environment before beginning any real welding project.

Additionally, you should be aware of necessary safety precautions like wearing welding helmets and protective clothing to protect yourself from heat burns and fumes. Finally, it’s important to control the heat output by adjusting the voltage, wire speed, and amperage indicated on your machine.

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Fantastic service and expertise even when buying for hobbyist level gear. Cant reccommend them enough!
great service & they had everything I wanted.
Fantastic company to purchase welding products from. I bought a Unimig welder from them and it arrived in Qld in 3 days. When I had a few questions they promptly answered and went above and beyond to ensure all questions were answered. Definitely recommend…..
Can't recommend electroweld enough Daniel is always great to deal with and excellent prices I don't shop anywhere else now for my welding supplies 100% customer satisfaction
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Bought a Unimig 195 package and a bunch of other stuff from Electroweld - great value for money and good to deal with. Happy to recommend these guys to everyone. Happy customer!
Great customer service and fair pricing along with a wide range of products.The team member went out of her way to help find a part for my welder.This kind of customer service puts Sydney tools and Total tools to shame.
went above and beyond after Australia Post lost my parcel.
Peter and the team are a wealth of knowledge and very helpful, great service, great prices, wouldn't shop anywhere else
10/10 would go back. Really good service, Daniel was very helpful and dealt with any problems with my welder and guided me toward a perfect set up. Shop is very clean and an enjoyable shopping experience, Refilled my LPG gas on site and got an exchange for argon!
The items at this electrical welding equipment are at top quality and what i needed i successfully achieved my needs the welders there are amazing. The customer service is outstanding and i am ready to buy a new welder.
I highly recommend purchasing from this supplier. Daniel went above and beyond to assist me with a DOA unit. The return process was smooth and trouble free. The gear they sell is top quality, well priced, and their customer service is excellent.
Fantastic service, super quick delivery and item as described. Highly recommend 🙂
The price was good...the service even better. I thank Daniel and the team for their professional support.
Thanks guys love my new g5 01speedglas helmet I will be dealing with you in the future for my welding needs and will sure recommend you to others well done 👍
Outstanding customer service.Exceptional pricing.
Daniel was very helpful! I was buying a air welding helmet for my son and he saved me from buying the wrong product and knew everything about the products he sells. Perfect
Bought a welder from Electroweld which was promptly shipped to my door. I had a few questions about my welder after purchase and their after sales support has been fantastic. Great to see some honest customer service. Will shop again for any welding supplies.
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Absolutely excellent to deal with.prompt service, problem solving and shipping.I'm recommending them to all my friends
I ordered a welding helmet from Electrowelds online shop. It was out of stock, had a call from Daniel the next day and he had already contacted the distributor to find out that due to Covid deliveries to Australia had been delayed. He gave me plenty of options of what I could do, for what would suit my needs best.I chose to wait until it was back in stock and got another call as soon as it was to say it was on the way. Highly recommend the store, exceptional customer service, kept me in the loop.
Prompt delivery ,very happy with packaging, uni mig welder was exactly what I ordered
We were very happy with the quality of the welder at a competative price. We would recommend dealing with Daniel at Electroweld.
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Friendly staff and complete range of welding equipment
Paid for a 200acdc. They got stock 2 weeks later, and arrived at my house in a day or 2 after😦 Fantastic service over messenger for myself also. they helped me out with anything I threw at them. Couldn’t recommend anyone better. Thanks again!!!
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Good Frendly
Great staff and very helpful service, I had an issue with my Welder and Daniel had assisted me with explaining the issue and what could be done to fix it. He had saved me from throwing it out and buying a new one. Overall, great quality products and Very good prices, I tend to buy most of my tools and construction equipment from there and never had an issue with them.
Great customer service oriented family business, with good quality products at a competitive price! Highly recommend for ALL INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES!
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Great company to deal with. Daniel was quick and responsive on email, super competitive with his quote (no-one came close), and the shipping process was fast and tracking was accurate and email driven.I bought two Cigweld welders. The Weldskill 205 ACDC TIG/Stick machine, and the Transmig 185 Ultra. So far both awesome and the accessories (Helmet, gloves etc) Daniel helped me out with have been great also.All in all a positive experience! I'll be contacting Daniel for a quote next time I need another welder for sure.
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Came in telling the guy i wanted to spend $1200 on a new Unimig machine, told him what I was welding, left with a $800 unimig welder which does more than what I need. Could have ripped me off hard. Thanks Guys
Peter and the team are very knowledgeable and happy to advise you as required.The service doesn’t stop after the sale either, which is definitely nice for a change.Thanks heaps guys!