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  9. 3M M-series Versaflo M-207 Face Shield, Welding Fire Retardant Face Seal 895207

3M M-series Versaflo M-207 Face Shield, Welding Fire Retardant Face Seal 895207

SKU: 895207


  • Flame Resistant
  • High Impact Face Protection
  • Coated Lens – Scratch Resistant
  • Wide Lens Area For Excellent Vision
  • Fully Adjustable Head Harness
  • Distributes Weight On Head & Neck
  • Compliant With AS/NZS1337.1
  • Compatible – Adflo PAPR / Versaflo V-500E
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1 x 3M Versaflo M-207
The 3M Versaflo M-207 face shield provides high-impact face protection with a flame-resistant face seal which prevents sparks and flames from entering your helmet.
The M-200 face shield has a coated lens that is resistant to chemicals and scratches, offering excellent downward and peripheral vision.
Wide lens area provides excellent vision.
Lightweight and compact bump cap with a clear visor.
Fully adjustable head harness.
This face shield is designed for prolonged use, with a newly designed head harness helping to evenly distribute weight, reducing stress on your head and neck.
The M-207 head top is suitable for use across a wide variety of industries including spray paint, pharmaceutical, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and chemical handling.
It is directly compatible with the Adflo PAPR system and Versaflo V-500E SAR, offering respiratory protection (AS/NZS1716 standard) when connected.
Compliant with AS/NZS1337.1 standards for high-impact face protection.
Head top attached earmuffs available separately (part no. 197011). If optional earmuffs are added to this face shield, it will also comply with AS/NZS1270 for hearing protection (see part number 197011).
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Brand: 3M
Part Number: 895207
Standard: High impact face protection (AS/NZS1337.1)