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  9. 3M Peltor Face And Ear Protection Kit *Earmuffs X4A + Honeywell Face Shield Visor*

3M Peltor Face And Ear Protection Kit *Earmuffs X4A + Honeywell Face Shield Visor*

SKU: X4A + RHSP-51401


3M X4A Peltor Headband Earmuffs Features:
Low-Profile Cup Design
Twin Headband Design
Earcups Tilt To Ensure Comfort
Electrically Insulated Wire Headband
Formulated Foam Earcup Inserts / Cushions
Protection Against Moderate-To-High Level Industrial Noise
Honeywell Turboshield Features:
Protects: Flying Objects, Impact, Splash, UV, Airborne Debris
Flexible Head-Cushioning Suspension
Easy Visor Exchange With Push-Button Release
Improved Protection With 50% More Chin Coverage
Adjustment Knobs Are Large
Patented Hard Hat Adapter Allows Visor To Slide Back
Patent-Pending Dual-Pivot Mechanism
Patent-Pending Visor Release
Comfortably Worn With Most Goggles, Masks, Earmuffs
1 Year Warranty
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1 x 3M X4A Peltor Headband Earmuffs
1 x Honeywell Turboshield


Peltor X4A Earmuff Features:
Over-the-head hearing protection with Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 31dB for moderate to high noise exposures.
Low-profile cup design for improved compatibility with other personal protection equipment (PPE).
Twin headband design helps reduce heat buildup with good fit and balance.
Earcups tilt to ensure a customized fit and comfort for individual users.
Electrically insulated (dielectric) wire headband helps reduce hazards around electricity.
Extremely slim and lightweight earcups provide excellent compatibility when used with other 3M personal protection products.
New specially-formulated foam earcup inserts and cushions help boost the noise absorption capability.
Suitable For: Automotive, Construction, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Sub Applications, Military Maintenance, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Repair and Operation, Transportation
Approved to performance AS/NZS standards, Class 5, 31dB
Honeywell Face Shield Features:
With three patented features, Honeywell Turboshield provides unparalleled comfort for longer wear, the easiest visor exchange system available and optimal safety and balance. Honeywell Turboshield is perfect for those who are exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash, UV and airborne debris.
Flexible Head-Cushioning suspension cradle provides 300% greater contact area than traditional suspensions.
Easy visor exchange with a simple push-button release.
Improved Protection with 50% more chin coverage compared to traditional visors.
Adjustment knobs are large and ergonomically designed for simple, easy adjustment – even wearing gloves.
Patented Hard Hat Adapter that allows visors to slide back 170mm overhead when faceshield is in the upright position for better balance and weight distribution.
The universal hardhat adapter features patent-pending dual-pivot mechanism and patent-pending visor release system.
Replacement Visor Compatibility: Honeywell Turboshield Visors + Honeywell Supervizor Visors.
Compatible PPE with Turboshield Headgear: Respiratory masks; Behind-the-head earmuffs recommended.
Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Compatibility with other PPE: Respiratory Masks; Cap-Mounted and behind-the-head earmuffs; any cap-mounted PPE utilizing hardhat accessory slots.
Applications: Chemical, Construction, Food Services, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Metals.
Hazards: Abrasion, Airborne Particulates, Chemical, Extreme Environment, Impact, Splash.
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Specifications Earmuffs:
Model Number: X4A
Noise Reduction Rating (DB): 31
Dielectric: Yes
Electrically Insulated: Yes
Adjustable: Yes
Electrically Insulated: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Noise Cancelling: No
CSA Class: CSA Class AL
Size: One Size fits Most
Product Dimensions (Mm): W:110 H:200 L:140
Weight: 0.2351kg
Specifications Face Shield:
Part Number: RHSP-51401
Headgear Specifications:
Brow Material: ABSSuspension
Type: Ratchet with head cushion
Suspension Size Range (Mm): 250 – 635
Suspension Material: Nylon 66
Sweatband Material: Brushed, padded cloth
Dielectric: Yes
Max Operating Temperature: 97°C
Weight (Kg): 0.3
Adapter Material: Reinforced Nylon
Compatible Types: Cap-Style Hard Hats
Adapter Connection Type: Universal-three-point cap mount with neoprene strap
Adapter Dielectric: Yes
Weight (Kg): 0.2
Shape: Toric
Dielectric: Yes
Thickness: 2.2mm at Optical Axis
Dimensions (Mm) (L X W X H): 230 x 130 x 240
Max Operating Temperature: 131°C
Weight (Kg): 0.2
AS/NZS 1337.1 2010 – Australian NZ Standards.
Extra-High Impact, Splash Resistance, Molten Metal & Hot Solids LIC 02209/3
DIN EN 166:2001
DIN EN 169:2002
DIN EN 170:2002
DIN EN 172:1994+A1:2000+A2:2001
Essential requirements according to Annex II of the PPE-Directive 89/686/EEC –