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3M Speedglas 9002nc Welding Helmet Automatic Darkening Mig Tig 9002 Nc – 401385

SKU: 401385


  • MMAW, MIG/MAG and low Amp TIG welding
  • Highest optical rating 1/1/1
  • True-View: weld with impressive colour & contrast
  • Exhaust vents remove exhaled air
  • Shade Control Automatic Welding Lens
  • Shades 8-12 with a light shade of 3
  • Permanent complete protection against UV/IR
  • Advanced TST (TIG Sensor Technology)
  • Lightweight At Just 450 Grams
  • Made in Sweden
  • 3 Year Warranty
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1 x 3M™ Speedglas 9002NC Welding Helmet
The 3M Speedglas 9002NC Welding Helmet With A 3-Year Warranty
New True-View technology: see your welds with impressive colour and contrast, making what you see through your lens appear lighter and in more detail.
Highest optical rating (1/1/1) with True-View.
Classic slim, lightweight design for welding in tight spaces.
Large 55 x 107mm viewing area.
Has permanent protection (Shade 12 equivalent) against harmful UV and IR radiation, regardless of whether the filter is in the light or dark state or whether the auto-darkening function is operational.
Exhaust vents remove exhaled air, reducing fogging under the hood, perfect for hot and humid conditions.
Suitable for MMAW, MIG/MAG and low Amp TIG welding.
Advanced TST (TIG Sensor Technology) down to industry-leading 1 amp.
Shades 8-12 with a light shade of 3.
A new lightweight head harness with a ratchet mechanism and multiple adjustments means you get a customised fit.
Robust and durable shell design.
High impact protection (AS/NZS1337.1).
3M 10V features the longest warranty in its class with a revolving three-year warranty. Experience a problem with the welding shield in the first three years and your three-year warranty protection starts again.
All Speedglas welding helmets are made in Sweden with every lens still checked by hand.
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Part Number: 401385
Speedglas TrueView Welding Lens: Yes
Welding Application: Stick / MIG / TIG (down to 1 Amp)
Filter Type: Auto-darkening
View Size (Mm): 55 x 107mm
Hidden Arc Mode: No
Classification: 1/1/1 and TrueView
Power Control: Fully Automatic
Variable Dark Shades: Shade 8-12
UV Protection: Shade 12 (permanent)
Time From Light To Dark: 0.1 ms (+23 C)
Time From Dark To Light:: 60-400 ms
Light State: True View Shade 3
Comfort Exhaust Vents: Yes
Shade Control: Yes
Grind Control: No
Side Window Peripheral Vision: No
Head Harness: Custom fit with ratchet mechanism
Weight: 450gr
Standards: Eye Protection – AS/NZS1338.1, Face Protection – AS/NZS1337.1 (High Impact)
Warranty: 3 Years