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Bernzomatic 400g Map-pro Gas Cylinder Bottle, Bbq / Cooking / Camping + Blow Torch

SKU: TS8000T2K


  • Large Ultra-Swirl Flames
  • Auto Start/Stop Ignition
  • Adjustable Flame Control
  • Run-Lock Button
  • Regulated Pressure
  • All Weather
  • Fracture Groove Enhances Safety
  • Cast Aluminium Body
  • MAP-Pro Gas Has High Temp
  • Great For Industrial Or BBQ Use
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1 x BERNZOMATIC MAP-Pro Cylinders-400g
1 x TS8000 High-Intensity Trigger-Start Torch
Bernzomatic MAP/Pro Hand Torchs and MAP-Pro are ideal for job site projects including soldering large diameter copper pipes, brazing, heat treating and light welding.
The large ultra-swirl flame provides maximum heat output.
Auto Start/Stop Ignition: the flame can be ignited & stopped by one button, therefore provides easier lighting and increased fuel savings
Adjustable Flame Control easily sizes flame for different applications
Run-Lock Button: can be locked on for continuous use.
Regulated Pressure: for consistent performance even when tilted or momentarily inverted.
Pressure regulated for consistent performance when inverted or used in adverse weather conditions.
Fracture groove enhances safety in case torch is dropped.
The body is made from cast aluminium which provides strength & durability without being too heavy.
Features Of Bernzomatic MAP/Pro Gas
Works faster and more efficiently than standard propane, with a higher burn temperature.
Contains premium fuel suited for a variety of industrial and trade applications including soldering large copper pipes, brazing and heat treating.
Flame temperature in air is 1982°C.
Slim, lightweight design is easy to work with.
Durable steel construction.
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Gas Type: MAP-Pro
Capacity: 400g
Flame Temperature In Air: 1982°C
Thread Connection: CGA600
Gas Suggested Application: Medium to heavy soldering, brazing, BBQ
Flame Type: Ultra swirl flame
Flame Settings: Pin Point, Fine, Medium, Full
Flame Lock: Yes
Flame Adjustment: Yes
Ignition: Trigger start
Cylinder Certification: Dot-39 approved