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Bosch 165mm 48t Circular Saw Blade, Top Precision “Best For Multimaterial”



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BOSCH 165mm “Top Precision Best for Multimaterial” 48T Circular Saw Blade
Choose Quantity: 1 / 3 / 5 Blades
The Best for Multi Material Circular Saw Blade features HLTCG (High-Low Triple Chip Ground) teeth, which make the blade robust for working with abrasive materials.
Bosch multi-material circular saw blades provide ultra clean cuts in non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, epoxy and wood.
Extra-hard Microteq teeth are manufactured in-house by Bosch and consist of durable carbide grains for high performance.
Cleanteq coating further supports the blade’s high quality, reducing adhesion of such residues as resin and glue to ensure extra-clean results. Moreover, this coating keeps the blade cool, protecting it against corrosion.
Features Stabilteq Polyurethane-filled anti-vibration slots that significantly reduce vibration and noise to make precise cutting easy and comfortable.
Negative Rake Tooth Geometry with Triple Chip Grind – Permits cutting of non-ferrous metals and design reduces clogging.
Base blade made of dimensionally stable SK5 hardened steel (> 40 HRC) ensures accuracy.
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Brand: Bosch
Part Number: 2608642388
Suited For: Plunge, Hand-Held, (Sliding) Mitre Saws
Material Suitability: Non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, epoxy and wood
Maximum RPM: 11,500
Blade Diameter: 165mm
Bore Diameter (Mm): 20mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Tooth Count: 48
Tooth Configuration: HLTCG (High-Low Triple Chip Grind)
Hook Angle: 5º
Relief Angle: 15º