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  9. Bosch 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery Gba 18V 4.0Ah (1600A00163)

Bosch 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery Gba 18V 4.0Ah (1600A00163)

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  • Features 65% more run time and 100% longer life time, sounds pretty well, the technology behind this is the COOLPACK. The battery, especially for the lithium based battery, the temperature is very important to make the battery work.
  • They should not be operated at a temperature over 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Most of the coredless power tool on nowadays market just simply shutdown the battery when monitoring the overheat.
  • This method just prevent the battery from being destoryed, but the battery still working in hot condition and when it is shutdown, the user have to stop working, this will lower worker’s efficient. Bosch’s COOLPACK take another way, they introduce a new heat sink material called HDPE which is a high density polyethylene and good at conducting heat.
  • The cells in the pack are tightly bound to the red heatsink so the battery will work in a cool environment.
  • That why we call it active temperature management when compare to the passive method of over heat and shutdown style. Because of the cooling technology, your battery now working in cool temperature, this makes the battery hold charge for longer time and the life of the bosch will be longer too.

The high-endurance 18 Volt XL battery with 4.0 Ah and COOLPACK technology

  • Up to 65% more run time compared to existing 3.0 Ah battery using high quality Li-Ion cells
  • Bosch COOLPACK manages the temperature of the battery cells actively and reduces heat-up which is the main killer for every battery cell
  • 18 V 4.0 Ah batteries have the same weight as existing Bosch 3.0 Ah batteries and are the lightest in the market
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