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  9. *Bosch 355Mm 14″ Metal Cut Off Saw* 2400W Chop Drop Circular Mitre GCO 14-24 J

*Bosch 355Mm 14″ Metal Cut Off Saw* 2400W Chop Drop Circular Mitre GCO 14-24 J

SKU: 0601B372L0


  • Powerful 2400W input motor
  • High overload capacity
  • Increased 20% usage of cutting disc
  • Wobbling minimization
  • Adjustable spark guard
  • Strong arm and hinge
  • Easily accessible wrench key
  • Superior cutting performance
  • 6 Year Warranty
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1 x BOSCH GCO 14-24 J Metal Cut-off Saw
Features BOSCH Cut-Off Saw:
Powerful 2400W Input Motor
High Overload Capacity
Increased 20% Usage Of Cutting Disc
Softer, Smoother Starts
Wobbling Minimization
Adjustable Spark Guard
Strong Arm And Hinge
Easily Accessible Wrench Key
Superior Cutting Performance
6 Years Warranty
Powerful 2400W input motor with high overload capacity for toughest applications.
High overload capacity for the toughest of applications.
Increased usage of cutting disc by 20%.
Softer, smoother starts.
Robust guard system provides ultimate protection and minimize wobbling.
Adjustable spark guard effectively deflect spark when cutting materials in various shapes.
Strong arm and hinge designed for tough applications.
Easily accessible wrench key.
Superior cutting performance – with a lift in power.
Unmatched durability which brings the longest lifetime in class.
2.4/5 (22 Reviews)
Brand: Bosch
Part Number: 0 601 B37 2L0
Corded: Yes
Cutting Disc Diameter: 355mm, 14″
Cutting Disc Bore: 25.4mm
No-Load Speed: 3,800rpm
Rated Input Power: 2,400W
Cutting Capacity At L-Profile 0º: 130 x 130mm
Cutting Capacity At Square 0º: 119 x 119mm
Cutting Capacity At Rectangle 0º: 100 x 196mm
Cutting Capacity At Square 45º Mitre: 110 x 110mm
Cutting Capacity At Rectangle 45º Mitre: 107 x 115
Cutting Capacity At L-Profile 45º Mitre: 115 x 115mm
Tool Dimensions (Width X Length X Height): 256mm x 520mm x 400mm
Weight, Approx: 18.1kg
Warranty: 6 Years