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Cigweld Twin Gauge Argon Gas Regulator / Flowmeter, Welding Pressure

SKU: 210254


  • Failsafe Against Overpressure
  • 30,000 KPa Inlet Pressure
  • Diaphragm Protected Against Flashback
  • Captive Control Knob
  • Factory Set Max Pressure
  • Flow 40 L/Min
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1 x CIGWELD VI 40LPM Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
CutSkill regulators are based on the Comet design that offers robust construction combined with renowned CIGWELD quality and represents genuine value for money.
Offers excellent quality and performance for use with most light to medium applications
The regulator is a failsafe against overpressure.
The diaphragm is protected against flashbacks.
Robust, failsafe and accurate pressure gauges.
Factory set maximum delivery pressure.
The captive control knob prevents loss and tampering.
Colour-coded for gas identification.
Conforms to AS4267.
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Part Number: 210254
Gas: Argon
Inlet Connection: AS2473 Type 10 (5/8″ BSP RH Ext)
Outlet Connection: 5/8″-18 UNF RH Ext
Flow: 40 l/min
Inlet Gauge Range: 30,000 kPa
Outlet Gauge Range: : 55 l/min
Standard: AS4267 – Pressure regulators for use with industrial compressed gas cylinders