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Holemaker Pro 36 Ad Magnetic Angle Base Drill, Hole Broach Cutter – HMPRO36Ad



  • Made In Europe
  • Smart Magnet Technology
  • Ultra-Low Profile Mag Drill
  • Drills Holes Up To 36mm Diameter
  • Depth Of Up To 30 Mm
  • Through Spindle Coolant System
  • Accepts TCT And HSS Cutters & Twist Drills
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1 x Holemaker PRO 36 AD
1 x Plastic Carry Case
1 x Operator Manual
The PRO 36 AD is an ultra-low profile mag drill of 176 mm height only – fits in the tightest of spots.
Perfect solution for any applications in confined spaces, where typical mag drills are too large.
A powerful motor and strong electromagnetic base enable drilling of holes up to 36 mm diameter to a depth of up to 30 mm (1-3/16″).
PRO-36 AD accepts both TCT and HSS cutters as well as twist drill drills with 19,05 mm (3/4″) Weldon shank.
Extremely low weight of just 9.5 kg.
Milling capacity up to 36 mm (1-7/16”).
Accepts also twist drills with 19,05 mm (3/4”) Weldon shank.
Stroke – 39 mm.
Through spindle coolant system.
Smart magnet technology to ensure sufficient magnetic adhesion. Magnetic base drills have a strong magnetic base which secures your drill to any metal surface so that you get a clean and accurate cut every time. By having the ability to secure your drill on to the surface you are working on, this innovative machinery makes the drilling process remarkably efficient.
Integrated swarf guard.
Detachable feed lever (feat. ratchet) can be fixed from either side.
Lifting handle for easy transportation.
Cooling with a bottle.
Comes complete in plastic carry case.
Manufactured in Europe.
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Brand: ITM
Part Number: HMPRO36AD
Capacity ( Diameter ): 36mm
Capacity ( Depth ): 30mm
Capacity (Twist Drill ): 12mm
Motor Power: 920 Watt
Input Power: 1000 watt Single Phase 240V
Speed: 370rpm
Magnetic Dead Lift: 8900Nm On 25mm Steel Plate
Stroke: 36mm
Height (Mm):: 176
Weight: 9.5kg
Warranty: 1 Year