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Unimig SC80 Plasma Cutter Torch Consumable Starter Kit – UMSK45



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1 x UNIMIG SC80 Plasma Torch Starter Kit, Includes:
1 x Swirl Ring (SC8006)
1 x Retaining Cap (SC8030)
5 x Electrodes (PSC8004)
5 x 0.9mm Cutting Tips (PSC8020-09)
5 x 1.0mm Cutting Tips (PSC8020-10)
1 x Stand Off Guide (SC8040)
1 x Cutting Buggy (SC8051)
Packaged in a sturdy carry case, consumable starter kits are the perfect companion to be bundled alongside machines. The kit contains all the essential consumables for an SC80 Plasma Torch.
UNIMIG SC80 Swirl Rings have been designed to control and swirl the compressed air around the electrode and into the nozzle. They play a crucial part in ensuring longer consumable life and clean-cut quality. Made from Vespel, they extend consumable life and are used for clean-cut quality.
The UNIMIG Retaining Cap is designed to hold all the consumables onto the torch head, used for standoff cutting.
The UNIMIG SC80 Standoff Guides keep the distance between your plasma torch and the workpiece, extending consumable life.
The UNIMIG SC80 Cutting Buggy has been designed for you to be able to maneuver the torch with ease, whilst keeping the tip-off of the workpiece at a levelled height.
UNIMIG SC80 Cutting tips have been designed with high shock-resistant materials to withstand high heat for extended consumable life.
UNIMIG Plasma Torch electrodes have been designed to give optimum power to provide a stable and effective arc.
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Part No: UMSK45
Suited For: SC80 Plasma Torch. Also suits Suits Unimig Cut 45, Plasma Cutter
Application: Plasma Welding