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Unimig Viper 185 Mig/Tig/Stick Welder + Aluminium Spool Gun + Wire + Torch + Gloves

SKU: KUMJRVW185 Spool Gun Bundle


  • Bundle Has Aluminium Spool Gun, Wire, Tips
  • 3 In 1 Machine: MIG/TIG/Stick
  • VRD: Voltage Reduction Device
  • Burnback Adjustment
  • Wire Inch
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • 10 Amp Plug
  • Gas And Gasless
  • Step-Less Adjustment
  • Two Year Warranty
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VIPER™ 185 MIG/TIG/STICK Bundle Includes:
1 x VIPER™ 185 MIG/TIG/STICK Welder (with Life Time After Sales Machine Support)
1 x 150A Spool Gun, PLSP150A
1 Pair x Unimig 400mm Gloves
1 x 0.5kg Spool ER5356 Aluminium Wire, 0.8mm
10 x Binzel Aluminium Welding Tips, 1.0mm M6
1 x 4m SB15 MIG Torch
1 x 4m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
1 x 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
1 x Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
1 x 2 Metre Gas Hose Complete with fittings
1 x Operating Manual
The VIPER MIG 185 is a 3-in-1 inverter based machine, that allows you to perform MIG, TIG and STICK welding all on one machine.
The MIG function allows you to weld with both Gas Shielded and Gas-less wire applications, providing MIG welding capabilities across a range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
10 AMP domestic plug, making it the ultimate welding machine for the home workshop and DIY use.
Step-less adjustment of voltage and wire feed control ensure easy setting of welding parameters
Thermal Overload Protection prevents machine from exceeding a safe operating temperature.
Voltage Reduction Device prevents voltae overloading, protecting user and machine.
Stick welding (MMA) welding capability delivers easy electrode welding with high-quality results, including cast iron and stainless.
Wire Inch gives easy feeding of the wire during set up without gas wastage
Stick welding (MMA) welding capability delivers easy electrode welding with high-quality results, including cast iron and stainless.
MMA is also supported with the capability to run electrodes up to 4.0mm, perfect for jobs where access to a gas cylinder is unavailable.
Two year warranty.
Features 150A Spool Gun
The Binzel style 150 AMP Spool Gun has been engineered for maximum performance when MIG welding softer wires, such as Aluminium.
The torch  has a built-in wire spool and wire feeder, which reduces the distance that the wire needs to travel. This gives you a more consistent wire speed and reduces the risk of any bends or ‘bird-nesting’.
Clear plastic housing allows for full visibility of all moving parts. You also have a clear view of your wire spool, so that you know when you need to replace it.
The DURAFLEX™ Performance Cable system on this torch gives you awesome cable flexibility, with the highest heat and abrasion resistance. The outer cable jacket is constructed from cross-linked polymers, providing a tear-proof outer layer with a burn threshold of 375°C.
The motor is rated for a minimum service life of 1000 hours.
Rear Cable Support: an extra-length cable-support system give you smooth and consistent wire feed no matter the angle you come in at.
Compact and ergonomic design.
Euro connection.
9 pin electrical connector.
0.8mm U-groove roller.
Features ER5356 Wire
Precision layer wound aluminium MIG wire 5% Mg is considered to be the most commonly used aluminium wire.
5356 filler metal is the most common aluminium alloy for general purpose welding and is typically used in the construction industry in fabricating truck trailers, small fishing boats, and any 5000 series alloys. Good for general aluminium fabrication and repairs, bullbars and rollbars and boat building
Consistent feed ability which is accomplished through the use of advanced wire drawing technology.
Precision layer wound, double diamond shaved wire.
Offers outstanding corrosion resistance.
The major element in 5356 wire is 5% magnesium.
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Specifications Viper 185 Welder:
Part Number: KUMJRVM185
Primary Input Voltage: 240V 1 Phase
Supply Plug: 10 Amp
Rated Input Power: 7.1 KVA
Ieff AMPS: 9.8 Amps MIG
Rated Output: 30A/15.5V – 180A/23.0V
No Load Voltage: 62
MIG Wire Spool Size (Kgs): 1 – 5kg
MIG Welding Current Range: 30 – 180 Amps
MIG Duty Cycle @40ºC – MIG: 10% @ 180Amps
MIG Wire Size Range: 0.6 – 0.9mm
MIG Welding Thickness Range: 3-10mm
Drive Roller Size: 30/22
TIG Function Type: DC Lift Arc
TIG Welding Current Range: 10 – 160 Amps
TIG Duty Cycle @40ºC – MIG: 10% @ 160A
TIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-6mm
Stick Welding Current Range: 10 – 160 Amps
Stick Duty Cycle @40ºC – MIG: 10% @ 160A
Stick Wire Size Range: 2.5 – 4.0mm
Stick Welding Thickness Range: 2-10mm
Suitable Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Silicon Bronze, Aluminium
Dimensions(Mm): 485 x 205 x 320
Weight: 13.5kg
Warranty: 2 Years
Specifications Spool Gun:
Brand: Unimig
Part Number: PLSP150A
Cooling Method: Air Cooled
Duty Cycle – CO2: 60% @ 150A
Duty Cycle – Mixed Gas: 60% @ 130A
Wire Size: 0.6-1.0mm
Length: 6m
Minimium Motor Life: 1000 hours
Torch Connection: Euro Connection
Electrical Pin Connector: 9 Pin Plug
Includes U-Groove Roller: 0.8mm
Standard: EN60974-7
Specifications Aluminium Wire:
Brand: Unimig
Part Number: 5356
Certifications: ABS • TUV • DB
Welding Type: MIG
Wire Material: Aluminium