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Unimig Welding Curtain / Screen, Heat Resistant (Xagwc) – Red Or Green



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1 x UNIMIG Welding Curtain (No Frame)
Choose Colour: Red or Green
Features Of Welding Curtain
Curtain Resists UV, Flame, Abrasion
Made Of Fire-Resistant Material
Kevlar Sewn
4 Reinforced Eyelets


The UNIMIG Welding Curtain is used as a transparent screen to protect people from welder’s flash and dangerous ultraviolet rays.
Gives the welder less light glare and works perfectly in any environment, inside or outside.
Features four reinforced eyelets for secure mounting.
Curtain screens are transparent and resistant to UV rays, flame and abrasion
Kevlar sewn and grommets at 270mm intervals.
Made with long-lasting fire-resistant material that will not crack or harden overtime. Fire Retardant (AS 1441.13)
Curtain is specially formulated cinyl 16 mil.
0.4mm thick to meet CE standards and Aus NZ safety requirements.
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Part Number:
Red Curtain, XARWC
Green Unimig, XAGWC

Curtain Thickness: 0.4mm

Curtain Stitching: Kevlar

Curtain Dimensions (Mm): 1740 x 1740

Certifications: AS 1441.13