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Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse is a digital controlled MIG/MAG/MMA lightweight inverter based welding power source, designed for high productivity and quality welding applications.

This NEW series Aristo 4004i pulse builds on the already acclaimed welding performance with enhanced software and hardware, delivering increased response times, to provide superb starting characteristics and arc characteristics. Whether you’re welding Aluminium, Stainless steel or Mild steels. Performance has also been optimised for use with Co2 shielding gases

Fan on demand cooling systems increase the welding time of the equipment. The cooling unit COOL 1 provides cooling of liquid-cooled torches to support great comfort to the welder. The cooling fans in the power source and the cooling system for the torch automatically turn off after 6.5 minutes inactivity, significantly reducing the idle time energy consumption. This 4th generation inverter offers considerable improved efficiency with a high power factor. This gives you minimized energy consumption and will offer significant reductions in your energy cost with the same welding conditions.


Technology         Weight        Efficiency

Chopper                  >149 kg          <70%

Inverter                     46kg             >85%


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