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Unimig Razor 320 Acdc Bundle *welder, Cooler Trolley, Consumables, T3w Tig Torch

SKU: PK11033


  • Latest 43KHz Inverter Frequency
  • AC TIG – Square, Trapezoidal and Sine
  • AC Balance and AC Frequency Control
  • Digital Weld Sequence Program
  • 2T/2S/4T/4S Torch Mode
  • Job Memory Function
  • 3 Phase 415V Power
  • Water Cooler Ready
  • Foot Control Ready
  • Voltage Reduction Device
  • 3 Year Warranty
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What You Get:
1 x RAZOR™ 320 AC/DC TIG Welder (with Life Time After Sales Machine Support)
1 x RAZORTM 320 AC/DC Water Cooler Trolley (JRTIG320TROLLEY)
1 x 4m High Performance T3 TIG Torch
1 x T2 TIG Torch Consumable Torch Starter Kit, Includes: 1 x Short Back Cap (UMCT2SBC) 1 x Long Back Cap (UMCT2LBC) 1 x 1.6mm Collet Body (UMCT2CB16) 1 x 2.4mm Collet Body (UMCT2CB24) 1 x 1.6mm Gas Lens (UMCT2GL16) 1 x 2.4mm Gas Lens (UMCT2GL24) 1 x Head Gasket (UMCT2HG) 1 x Heat Zone Isolator (UMCT2SN) 2 x Ceramic Cup Size 7 (UMCT2CC07) 2 x 1.6mm Thoriated Tungsten 2 x 2.4mm Thoriated Tungsten 2 x 1.6mm Zirconiated Tungsten 2 x 2.4mm Zirconiated Tungsten
1 x 4m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
1 x 500 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
1 x Argon Flowmeter Regulator
1 x 2m Gas Hose Complete with fittings
1 x Operating Manual
Please note, it is standard that these welders do not come with a plug. We will supply and fit the 15amp plug before we ship, so please allow a day to do this before shipping.
RAZOR 320 AC/DC TIG Welder with 3 Year Warranty
The Digital Weld Sequence Program and intelligent MCU software provide full TIG functionality in AC, DC and MIX modes. Digital set of Pre Gas Time, Start Current Level, Up Slope Time, Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time combined with the choice of 2T or 4T trigger function.
AC TIG: Featuring multiple AC output waveforms of Square, Trapezoidal and Sine, combined with AC Balance and AC Frequency control you have the ultimate tool in AC TIG Welding mode.
DC TIG: Latest 43KHz inverter frequency technology provides the ultimate in smooth and stable arc condition for DC TIG welding mode, coupled with the Digital Weld Sequence Program provides complete and professional DC TIG Welding function.
MIX ARC: This function of MIX AC/DC makes it possible to modulate the welding current, alternating a period of TIG AC with a period of TIG DC-. This means that the efficiency of AC TIG welding can be combined with the high penetration of DC TIG welding, obtaining higher welding speeds and establishing the weld puddle quicker on cold work-pieces. The operator adjustable parameter is the % of AC waveform compared to DC waveform, which can be varied from 5-95%.
Stick Welding: MMA welding providing both DC and AC output modes. Ignition AMP and Ignition Time provide for an operator-controlled Hot Start of the weld by applying extra current to the set weld current over a preset time.
With MMA, the arc force allows adjustment of the arc transfer from a digging action to a softer layering effect.
Multiple torch trigger selections of 2T, 2S, 4T, 4S provide flexibility and operator control over the weld sequence.
Foot Control Ready: For extra versatility and convenience while welding.
Water Cooler Compatible: Operate when welding current is available during welding and will switch off automatically after 5 minutes of no welding current.
Voltage Reduction Device.
Thermal Overload Protection
Crater Current Control.
Features Water Cooler Trolley
The RAZOR™ 320 AC/DC Water Cooler is the perfect accessory to maximise TIG welding performance, especially at high amperages.
When combined with the T3W Water-Cooled TIG Torch, Bi-Flow™ Technology is utilised – high capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source, allowing greater performance from the TIG Torch.
Features T3W TIG Torch
The ARC TORCHOLOGY® T3W Water-Cooled TIG Torch has been designed for maximum performance and longer consumable lifecycles.
Thanks to exclusive torch technologies, this torch boasts a better power to weight ratio compared to standard UNIMIG torches – more power in a lightweight body.
The T3W TIG Torch also comes with a flex-neck torch head as standard, perfect for TIG welding in tighter and restrictive environments.
Features T2 Torch Consumable Kit
Packaged in a sturdy carry case, consumable starter kits are the perfect companion to be bundled alongside machines. The kit contains all the essential consumables for a T2 TIG Torch.
TIG Torch Back Caps are designed to hold the tungsten securely inside the TIG Torch. The tungsten can be quickly adjusted by twisting the back cap 180°.
TIG Torch Head Gaskets keep the ceramic cup tightly in place, minimising gas leakage.
TIG Torch Collet Bodies are designed with a highly effective series of passages to force cool the collet, maximising conductivity and extending consumable life.
TIG Torch Gas Lens Collet Bodies are designed with a highly effective series of passages to force cool the collet, maximising conductivity and extending consumable life.
TIG Torch Ceramic Cups are designed for maximum performance.
TIG Torch Heat Zone Isolators transfer heat from the ceramic cup resulting in cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios.
Thoriated tungsten are the most commonly used electrodes today and are preferred for their longevity and ease of use.
Zirconiated tungsten produces a very stable arc and is resistant to tungsten spitting. It is ideal for AC welding because it retains a balled tip and has a high resistance to contamination. Its current-carrying capacity is equal to or greater than that of thoriated tungsten. Zirconiated tungsten is not recommended for DC welding.
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Part Number: KUMJRRW320ACDC
Supply Plug: 20 AMP Recommended
Primary Input Voltage: 415V Three Phase
Rated Input Power: 9.0 KVA
ieff AMPS: 10.0 Amps
Rated Output: 5-315A
No Load Voltage: 9-73
TIG Function Type: AC/DC HF TIG & AC/DC Pulse
TIG Welding Current Range: 5-315A
TIG Duty Cycle@ 40°C : 30% @ 315A
TIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-16mm
Stick Welding Current Range: 10-270A
Stick Duty Cycle@ 40°C: 30% @ 270A
Stick Electrode Range: 2.5-4.0mm
Stick Welding Thickness Range: 2-16mm
Front blowing time (s):0.5 ~ 10
Rear blowing time (s): 0.5 ~ 15
Hot arc current time: 0.01 ~ 1.5s
Rise time (s): 0~15.0
Decay time (s): 2.0~20.0
Arc strike mode: Contact arc striking, High-Frequency arc striking
Efficiency: 80%
Suitable Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Silicon Bronze, Aluminium
Certifications: AS/NZ60974-1, AS/NZ60974-10
Dimensions(mm): 566 x 223.5 x 405
Weight: 25.5kg
Warranty: 3 Years
Specifications T3W Torch
Part Number:
Cooling Method: Water Cooled
Duty Cycle – DC: 100% @ 400A
Duty Cycle – AC: 100% @ 280A
Dinse Size: 35/50
Electrode Size: 1.0-4.0mm
Standard: EN60974-7
Specifications Water Cooler
Brand: Unimig
Primary Input Voltage: 240V Single-Phase
Rated Input Power (kVA): 180W
Standard: IEC60974-2
Dimensions (mm): 500x200x234
Weight: 14.8kg